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#ROW80 ~ September 16th Update

A Wednesday update since I’m feeling optimistic or enthused or something. Don’t worry; it won’t last long.


Ended up doing a marathon rewriting session on One Ahead on Monday night. I made coffee at 7pm. And still got to bed by about 1am! That session of work actually felt…good. Eric read Tuesday. He thought my ending was stronger, bolstered by an earlier scene which I’d expanded. He said there were a few notes which I, in trepidation, didn’t look at until tonight. My fretting was for nothing. There were two notes, easily taken care of.

So. Huh. I finished a novella. Fancy that! I haven’t finished anything in a really long time.

Work tonight is going to be going through and making sure I have all my names and places noted in my spreadsheet bible and take care of some light formatting. Eric’s going to give it a couple more editing passes in the near-ish future. We need to nail down a name and a cover.

The rest of the week will be starting the next One Ahead story. The first took three months. I’m shooting for a second draft of the second to be done by early November.

The Publishing End

Eric and I are going to shift a few more titles to KDP Select and experiment with running more promos. We’ve given a lot of books away and have a goodly number of reviews. It’s time to shake it all up. I’ve also had two download spikes in the past month involving two different books that I can’t account for. I’m happy about it but perplexed. One could even say, bemused.


The online classes actually started Monday, but I didn’t dive into any course work until Tuesday. After looking at the syllabus, I decided to jump to the second Python class in the series. The early part will definitely be review. Both the Python class and the HTML class have a session deadline, but all the class materials are available now. I can work ahead if I need to!

  • Monday: “The Cask of Amontillado” review
  • Tuesday: Motherless Child review
  • Friday: Peril on the Screen #2 – Peril in SPAAACE!
  • Saturday: Deal Me In – “The Trial Horse” by Clark Howard

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