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#ROW80 ~ Sept. 20th Update & Round 3 Wrap-Up

Update & Goals


Finished a cleanup pass on “One Ahead #1” on Wednesday/Thursday, and got to work on “One Ahead #2.” I decided on Thursday that I wanted to get 2500 words done on it by the end of today. Four days, 2500 words. Not a problem! Unfortunately, I was a bit brain-fogged Friday and Saturday. As of right now, I have 1500 done, but am in good position to write another 1000 today. As long as I stay focused…

Goal for the coming week: 5000 more on “One Ahead #2”

The Publishing End

Moved three of our books to KDP Select. Two are suffering from price change lag, but I’m sure they’ll catch up. Discovered what was behind Lucinda‘s download spike using a service called Mention. It seems that a couple free ebook site listed it. Alas, Mention is too pricey for me to continue to use after the trial is up.

Goal for the week: Keep an eye on the prices on our KDP Select books and get things started regarding what promo channels we’re going to use. Next Saturday: Promo for The Martian Engineer’s Notebook, Volume #2. It’ll be free next weekend if you’d like to pick up some info about the science in The Martian.


Week Two of “Python Data Structures” involves installing Python on my computer, which I did during the first class. No assignment, but I’ll probably review since I’m rusty at doing things from the command line. Week Two of “Intro to HTML” has a quiz of 29 questions.

  • Monday: “The Cask of Amontillado” review
  • Tuesday: Motherless Child review
  • Friday: Peril on the Screen #2 – Peril in SPAAACE!
  • Saturday: Deal Me In – “The Trial Horse” by Clark Howard <– Brain fog prevents reading too! Might get it done today.
  • Sunday: ROW#80 post


  • Monday: “The Fall of the House of Usher” review.
  • Tuesday: A review of something I haven’t finished yet! Or, if I’m lame, my Deal Me In catch-up.
  • Friday: Review of Deadlands: Ghostwalkers
  • Saturday: Deal Me In
  • Sunday: Some sort of writing update post.

Round 3 Wrap-Up

Round 3 is nearly over! Since I don’t usually post on Wednesdays, I’ll wrap today.

On the writing/publishing front, it’s been a quiet, but rocky summer. Eric’s been writing a lot. I’ve been drifting along. My pie-in-the-sky goal was to get “One Ahead #1” published. We’re close. I survived our July travels and “One Ahead #1” is in the can.  We had just added Eric’s Martain Engineer series to KDP Select back in July and obviously we’re happy enough with what’s going on to add other titles.

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