Writerly Writer Between Rounds, Sept. 27th

We’re currently between rounds in the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge. If you’re a writer-type and you want a very flexible “challenge,” now is the perfect time to check out RoW80!


Updates & Goals


Wrote 3633 so far this week on “One Ahead #2”. That’s shy of my 5000 goal for the week, but the number of notes I’ve been leaving as I write are stacking up and I think it’s time to do a quick revision of the first 6200 words.

My plan is to finish the rewrite/revision by tomorrow and top out the week with a manuscript of 10K.

The Publishing End

All is well-ish in publishing land. The Martian Engineer’s Notebook, Volume #2 is free this weekend on Amazon and it’s had a good amount of downloads. We’ve also had a few sales of Vol. 1 and some page reads of other works.

Goal for the week: Decide on what we’re promo-ing during October and submit Luck for Hire for our first paid ad.


Already in my last week of Intro to HTML. There’s a short quiz and a final project due this week. The final project is a simple webpage built to spec. My only worry is that the spec will not be communicated clearly enough. It’s back to work in Python for Data Structures; quizzes and assignments galore.


My blogging plan fell off the bottom of my to-do list last week, but that’s okay. I finished reading The Great Failure by Natalie Goldberg, but I really didn’t feel like blogging about it. I caught-up with Deal Me In too, but the story was pretty “eh.” Haven’t finished the Deadlands book yet.


  • Tuesday: Review of Psycho
  • Friday: Peril on the Screen update
  • Saturday: Deal Me In
  • Sunday: ROW80 Round 4 Goals

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