#ROW80 ~ Round 4 Goals

Check out the goals of other ROW80 writers and give them a little encouragement!

What is ROW80?

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. Check out all the details at the ROW80 site.

Goals for Round 4


As of late, I’m pretty bad at setting measurable goals. Last round, I decided to set my goals on a weekly basis, keeping in mind what I’d like to have done at the end of the round. That worked pretty well. I’ve also rediscovered that I kind of like the stress that comes from procrastinating. Weekly goals allow for that, somewhat. I’m also going to stick with checking-in mostly on Sundays. Monday is the beginning of my work week. I just don’t have much to say by Wednesday.

Currently, I’m working on a series of short historical mysteries (20K word count range), series titled “One Ahead.” The main character is David Abbott, a magician who really did live in Omaha, NE at the beginning of the 20th century. Aside from being an accomplished magician, he was a debunker of fraudulent mediumistic practices.

My Big Writing Goals for Round 4:

  • Publish One Ahead #1 – It’s currently in Eric’s editing queue.
  • Finish a good draft of One Ahead #2 – I’m already at the 10K mark. I’d like to have a first draft done by the end of the month.
  • I have no plan to participate in NaNoWriMo. Unless it’s a super crazy plan like writing a magic-related flash fiction piece a day… Or, I might make a concerted effort in November to finish the collection of David Abbott’s Open Court articles that I was putting together. But no formal NaNo.
  • Start One Ahead #3

Goals for this week: [Edit 10/05, 10:56]

  • 5K on One Ahead #2. That will put the novella at 15K and nearing the end of the first draft. I’m probably going to need to confer with Eric this week or at the beginning of the next week.
  • Update reference document. And update the Abbott Family document.
The Publishing End

Eric and I have recently moved our titles primarily to KDP Select. I have a couple of promos scheduled for the future, and there are always peripheral social media things that need doing.

My Big Publishing Goal for Round 4:

  • Keep engaged, keep things going. I’m an introvert and this promo stuff is not my jam. It takes effort.

Goal for this week: Do the usual check-ins. Start setting up the spiritualism/seance fiction list over on Riffle (this being a *very* peripheral activity).


In the past, I haven’t set goals too far afield from writing, but I need to work on my activity level. I like to eat and I’d like to not have to buy new jeans in the near future.

Totally Measurable Exercise Goal for Round 4:

  • Get some sort of cardio (30+ mins) three times a week.

Ideally, at least two of those will be my game of choice: ultimate frisbee. Now that the weather is back to reasonable, I’ll probably do some running. I’ll go work out at the community center if my knees/back aren’t feeling very bouncy.
That’s it. No reading goals. No blogging goals. In general, the other thing I worked on last round was trying to do…less. While I want to sign up for ALL THE FUN THINGS, I don’t have the energy. And as much as I pretend that I have obligations to read or blog or flit around the internet, the only  thing that really matters is getting the writing done. So maybe, I do need one really measurable writing goal:

  • Write First. Five days out of seven, I pledge to sit down and write for at least an hour before noon.

9 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ Round 4 Goals

  1. David Abbot sounds interesting! Spiritualism/seance is also fascinating to me – so much so that I found and purchased copies of The Secret Doctrine by Mme. Blavatsky last year – which I haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

    This is my first time in ROW80 and already I’m an hour behind in my daily schedule because I promised myself I would read and comment on at least five goal blogs by fellow ROWers. I’m glad I did, because I’m finding folks who share the same interests all over the place!

    Good luck with your goals for this round!

    1. I’m familiar with Mme. Blavatsky, but since she’s a bit earlier than my era of choice, I haven’t read her spiritualism works yet. I did read one of her short stories earlier this year. I had no idea that she wrote fiction too. It was quite good!

  2. Your novella series sounds interesting. I love a good mystery. Does it have a paranormal element as well?

    Our goals sound similar. I’m aiming to write/revise two novellas and a short story this round.

    Good luck!

  3. Sounds like you have a good handle on what you need to do this round. I didn’t put any exercise goals into my round but I probably should have, writing is a very sedentary life and I definitely need to move more. Good luck on your goals.

    Peace to you.

  4. Interesting idea for your stories. I am a little curious about them now. Stories about people who are real, aren’t always on the top of my list. But, I like the thought of a magician and debunking the frauds certainly could make it very interesting.

    Here’s to a good and productive week! 🙂 I’ll be seeing you around.

  5. angelgal3176

    Good luck on your goals!

    I probably *should* skip NaNoWriMo this year, because I start a new job on the 2nd (where I get up at 5am to be at work by 6am), but I like doing it! We’ll see if I’ll be able to do it – I don’t have a super inspiring concept at the moment (tho I do have a concept), but I had better not peter out (like I have before with a rather weak concept), because I started a donation page!

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