#ROW80 ~ October 11th Update

Round 4, Week 1 Update

Not my most engaged or motivated week ever. I wasn’t feeling too spiffy on Tues/Wed. My writer brain was AFK so I worked on my Python class instead. From Thursday on, I lost myself in the hole that is EverQuest2. So easy to goof-off when the writing is hard but the fun is easy.

This week, my other MOOC starts, Photography: A Victorian Sensation. And Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon is on Saturday. How much I participate will depend on how much work I get done this week.


Week 1:

  • Write First. Five days out of seven, I pledge to sit down and write for at least an hour before noon. — Three days out of seven, but Tuesday was pretty weak.
  • 5K on One Ahead #2. — I am at 2,045 right now (Sunday morning).
  • Update reference document. And update the Abbott Family document. — Updated family document and started work on ref document.

Goals for Week 2+:

  • Write First. Five days out of seven, sit down and write for at least an hour before noon.
  • Sunday: I have the story pretty blocked out. I’m going to go back and add place-holders for scenes I haven’t written. The problem with some of these scenes is that they’re conveyance of information type scenes and I haven’t come up with good ways of writing them. I hope to add 1.6-2K by the end of today (Sunday).
  • Monday/Tuesday: Finish up what scenes I can. Have Eric read on Tuesday/Wednesday.
  • Finish updating reference document.
  • Not necessarily this week: I was/have been confused about the marital status of one character. He was probably still on his first wife in 1915. Need to change that in One Ahead #1 and in current.

The Publishing End

Week 1:

  • Do the usual check-ins. Start setting up the spiritualism/seance fiction list over on Riffle. — I checked in probably five days of seven and started that list.

Goals for Week 2+:

  • Do the usual check-ins.
  • Finish spiritualism fiction shelf.
  • Set up week-in-advance promo stuff for Lucinda at the Window.


Week 1:

  • Get some sort of cardio (30+ mins) three times a week. — Went for a run on Tuesday and played ultimate frisbee on Wednesday and Thursday.

Goals for Week 2+:

  • Get some sort of cardio (30+ mins) three times a week. Unfortunately, there’s no league game this week. But maybe Eric and I will start running intervals again.

Check out the goals of other ROW80 writers and give them a little encouragement!


4 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ October 11th Update

    1. Thank you, ma’am!
      I’m a chronic illness sufferer, so there are good days and bad. I didn’t follow my best rule last week: Work harder when I feel better. So far, Monday’s been good. 🙂

  1. abdeahdavis

    So sorry you weren’t feeling well. Hope you feel better this week. Its so easy to get distracted when the words are just not flowing. We all go through time periods where it hard to write but you’ve got this! Good luck!

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