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#ROW80 ~ October 18th Update

Round 4, Week 2 Update


Week 2:

Ended up wanting/needing to do some research last week to set some details. I’m writing stories set in 1915 Omaha and, wonderfully, there are newspapers from the era available online. I came across an interesting news story that I want to incorporate into One Ahead #2. Also, since the weather event I need takes place later in the year than I wanted, this will actually probably be One Ahead #3.

  • Write First. Five days out of seven, sit down and write for at least an hour before noon. – Total fail after Mon/Tues.
  • By EoD Wednesday – Finish edits. – Did this!
  • Thursday/Friday: Finish up what scenes I can. Have Eric read on Friday/weekend if he’s available. – Behind on this since I spent a couple days on research.
  • Finish updating reference document. – Done! Now to keep it up as I write.
  • Not necessarily this week: I was/have been confused about the marital status of one character. He was probably still on his first wife in 1915. Need to change that in One Ahead #1 and in current. – Actually, I still don’t know about June’s wives… I’m back to thinking that his second wife is the better choice. I don’t have any good sources for one way or the other so I’m going to make a judgement call.

Goals for Week 3+:

My goal is to have a first draft of One Ahead #3 by the end of the month and I think that’s still doable. What do I have left?

  • Seven scenes. Three of them are already over halfway done.
  • Add new element, especially to the first few scenes.
  • Timeline clean-up. I probably need to rearrange a few scenes and I need to make sure things are happening on the right day.
  • Note clean-up.

My two measurable goals:

  • Write First. Five days out of seven, 500 words before noon.
  • Make a better list of further story ideas.

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