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#ROW80 ~ October 21st Update

Round 4, Week 2.5 Update

Just a quick update post, mostly to help me keep my head in the game.


Goals for Week 3+:

My goal is to have a first draft by the end of the month. This is what I have left:

  • Seven scenes. Three of them are already over halfway done. – Finished an “in-progress” and wrote a second scene. I also planned a change that eliminated one scene, but will lead to some rewriting. 4/7 left.
  • Add new element, especially to the first few scenes.
  • Timeline clean-up. I probably need to rearrange a few scenes and I need to make sure things are happening on the right day. Mostly done. Everything is in the right order.
  • Note clean-up. Done. Until I leave myself more notes.

My two measurable goals:

  • Write First. Five days out of seven, 1 hour of work/500 words before noon. – Monday & Tuesday – Not a lot of writing before noon, but  editing/organizing. Today, I’ve gotten 25 mins in so far.
  • Make a better list of further story ideas. – Started this.

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