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Deal Me In, October Lunar Extra ~ “Perdita”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Perdita” by Hildegarde Hawthorne

Card picked: A Six

From: “Perdita” is available at Project Gutenberg

Thoughts:  A young couple have been granted a lease to stay at her Aunt Agnes’s ranch. Agnes has had a run of bad luck in life. She built the ranch after her husband died, but left it after her daughter died as well. Agnes is sure that the happiness of her niece and her new husband will lift the shadow that hangs over Alfalfa Ranch. But will that be enough?

For my Women in Horror Lunar Extras, I’ve been cribbing from Paula Cappa’s blog all year long. She describes “Perdita” as quiet horror and that’s pretty much the perfect description.  It has what I consider an older sensibility and is predictable. It’s also beautifully written. In such a short piece, Hawthorne draws an idyllic setting and then sends shivers up your spine.

About the Author: Hildegarde Hawthorne was a fairly prolific author (she started selling articles to magazines at age 16!) and the granddaughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne. I look forward to adding more of her works to my future TBR lists. 🙂