#ROW80 ~ November 15th Update

Round 4, Week 6 Update


Week 6:

Man, this week… It was mostly my fault.

I had a good writing day last Sunday, I wasn’t too far behind, but then I had a lazy Monday. Not a killer, I figured, I’ll make it up. Except, my computer had other plans. My boot drive has some reliability issues. It goes along fine until too many bad sectors cause a crash. Usually this is “fixed” by running a CHKDSK/repair, formatting, and reinstalling everything. Which took up a lot of time on Wednesday and Thursday. Since the fix only holds 10 months or so, Eric has ordered a new solid state drive for my computer which will necessitate a repeat of the reinstall process later in the week.

Also, we decided to change the way we’re selling and promoting the Weordan books. Queue stress freak-out since I had planned to promo Model Species next weekend. I also have to update information on those books around the web.


  • Write First. Five days out of seven, 1 hour of work/500 words before noon.  – Well, I at least have a two day streak going…
  • Average 1667 per day. (Or rather 1736 if I want to make up time.) – I’m averaging 1000 a day for the month thus far. I’ve been playing with three different ideas for One Ahead stories, two of them new, so I’ve gotten what I wanted out of NaNoWriMo.
  • Edits/additional writing on One Ahead #1 & #2 as needed. – Haven’t needed. There’s a detail I’m probably going to eventually change in story #1.

Goals for Week 7+:

  • Write First. Five days out of seven, 1 hour of work/500 words before noon.
  • Continue averaging 1000 words a day for this week. It’s not NaNo level, but it’s more than I have been doing.
  • Reorganize my document and maybe get these stories into better shape without editing or rewriting.
  • Edits/additional writing on One Ahead #1 & #2 as needed.

The Publishing End

Week 6:

  • Do the usual check-ins. – Done!
  • Set up some advanced promo stuff for Model Species. – Was doubtful for a while, but done.

Goals for Week 7+:

  • Do the usual check-ins.
  • Finish changing Weordan info before Friday
  • Run promo for Model Species and Divine Fire.


Week 6:

  • Get some sort of cardio (30+ mins) three times a week. – Fall league is over and winter league doesn’t start until next week, so I’ll need to make an effort to go running or workout. – Ended up adding a Friday lunchtime game, but only played on Wednesday and Friday.

Goal for Week 7+:

  • Get some sort of cardio (30+ mins) three times a week. – I’ll probably play ultimate on Wednesday and Friday again, and maybe one other night for winter league.

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4 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ November 15th Update

  1. Chris Loehmer Kincaid

    I too have been having computer problems. Nothing major, it just keeps getting slower and slower and I’m not sure what to do about it. Oh, well.

    Sounds like you still had a successful week, despite those setbacks. Good for you. Keep it up.

  2. starcatdreamer

    I had some computer issues not long ago – such a bummer when you’re trying to make progress! Still, it sounds like you’re pretty close to on track. I hope your week goes well!


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