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Magic Monday ~ A Dare, Dancing Hank, a Trip to 1933, and more


I like Mondays. On Monday, I am refreshed from the weekend and exhilarated by the possibilities of the week ahead. I also like magic. I like its history, its intersection with technology, and its crafty use of human nature. I figured I’d combine the two and make a Monday feature that is truly me: a little bit of magic and a look at the week ahead.

Magic Monday is back, but I’m a little off my video game. Instead, here are a few links:

Dean Carnegie has a piece on the history of the Dancing Handkerchief. I’m always intrigued by the history of “small” magic tricks and how they are used in various acts.

Writer  Richard Worth and artist Jordan Collver of Water Closet Press are creating a graphic nonfiction work about the friendship between Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle. They have a sample mini-comic for A Certain Symmetry.

Finally, Neil Tobin recently opened a show in Chicago called Palace of the Occult. Billed at the most sensational event of 1933, Tobin takes on the persona of Erik Jan Hanussen, a Jewish clairvoyant and publicist who gained influence in the Nazi party. Haunssen’s story is an interesting bit of history and a portion of the show’s proceeds will benefit the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center.


What Am I Reading?


Keeping with Nonfiction November (unofficial), I picked from my shelf The Magician and the Cardsharp by Karl Johnson. Eric read it a while back and liked it.

I will also be reading “Up the Mountain Coming Down Slowly” by David Eggers and “The Demon Lover” by Elizabeth Bowen.

On the Blog


I should have a Deal Me In catch-up post tomorrow and a Lunar Extra as well.

Also, 2016 is going to be the last year for the TBR Triple Dog Dare at James Reads Books. Need to work on your TBR stack(s)? I dare you to sign up and read only books you already own from January to April 2016.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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