#ROW80 ~ December 13th Update

Round 4, Week 10 Update


I half-joked last week about scheduling a mid-life crisis. The joke led to one of those long, fraught conversations with Eric that we’ve been having occasionally for some time now.  By Monday:

(I had about five paragraphs on my state of mind, but I deleted them to spare us all the embarrassment.)

Long story, short: This isn’t the end of me and writing, but my priorities are pretty messed up right now and I need to figure some things out.

Maybe my goal for the week should be: Write another long, chain-of-thought entry about my career expectations and disappointments. But don’t post that one either. 😉

The Publishing End

Week 10:

  • Do the usual check-ins. – Done.
  • Try out a Wednesday promo for $0.99 Luck for Hire. – Done. Wasn’t terrible successful.

Goals for Week 11+:

  • Figure out out next bunch of promos.
  • Straighten out the ToC on our Kindle books.


Week 10:

  • Get some sort of cardio (30+ mins) three times a week. – Worked out on Monday, played ultimate on Tues, Weds, and Fri.

Goal for Week 11+:

  • Get some sort of cardio (30+ mins) three times a week.

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4 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ December 13th Update

  1. Lauralynn Elliott

    I think we all go through that “figuring it all out” stage, trying to decide if this writing thing is worth it. Sales, for me, are terrible right now, and I’ve been doing this for about seven years. Kindle Unlimited has hurt a lot of us. Also, this is the absolute worst time of year for book sales, so I’m not going to worry too much about it for now.

    Don’t give up. My suggestion would be to sit down and write out a sensible plan for next year with goals. Sometimes, just writing stuff out and making a plan really helps. Hang in there and keep doing what you love.

  2. Beth Camp

    Whatever it is that motivates us to write sometimes takes a holiday. So maybe that’s just OK. Sometimes dabbling with poetry helps keep that creative spark going . . . or journaling . . . or flash fiction . . . or daily pages . . . or telling stories out loud . . . or dreaming. I’m dismayed by marketing. I’d really rather just write. But sometimes we need to go in circles before the words come along. Take your sabbatical and enjoy each day without any guilt about what you should do. The words will return.

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