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Deal Me In, Week 51 ~ “The Man Who Boxed Forever”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“The Man Who Boxed Forever” by Edward D. Hoch

Card picked: Eight of Diamonds
From: Murder on the Ropes, ed. by Otto Penzler

Thoughts: Simon Ark, one of Edward D. Hoch’s signature characters, might be immortal, so it comes as no surprise to *him* that boxer Desmond “Dragon” Moore might be 100+ years old. Our intrepid narrator, Ark’s sidekick for this adventure, isn’t so sure about either. Isn’t it more likely that the birthmark that links Dragon to a boxer in 1892 New Orleans is just a clever tattoo to match an intriguing story? When investigative reporter Roger Russel turns up dead in the middle of a training ring, beaten upside the head with an ancient cestus, all the “evidence” points to Dragon.

Cestus on the Boxer of Quirinal

Cestus on the Boxer of Quirinal. MatthiasKabel assumed (based on copyright claims). Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons

This was something a tiny bit different for my last story from Murder on the Ropes, but I was disappointed that the story wrapped up so abruptly.

About the Author: This seems to be one of the last stories that Hoch wrote in his prodigious and prestigious career. Simon Ark featured in his first published short story in 1955.