Daily Archives: December 28, 2015

What Else in December

I’m returning to using What Else as my monthly round up of stuff I haven’t posted about/monthly summary/update post.

Short Stories

In the past week, as a part of #COYER, I read two short stories:

“Escapology” by Chris Winterton – “Escapology” is a pretty short short story juxtaposing a bridge jump by Houdini in 1910 Australia and the life of a grimy undertaker. Not a bad effort, all in all.

“Chef Maurice and the Rather Fishy Tale” by J. A. Lang – This Chef Maurice tale is a special freebie given by the author for signing up for her email list. It’s a complete little mystery in 30 pages. Worth the effort!

Because Reading is better than real life

Writing Work

I’ve spent December on sabbati-hiatus. I’ve taken the “down-time” to get our promo ducks in a row, look at ways to improve our listings on Amazon, and improve our newsletter. I’m also working on putting together an anthology of my short works.

Other Life Stuff

December has been December with all the associated holiday stresses. I have to admit, I really didn’t get into the Christmas spirit this year. It feels like 2016 should have started two weeks ago. Are there Happy New Year cards I can send to the half of my Christmas card list I didn’t get to?

Been continuing to take Coursera classes. I finished up “Using Python to Access Web Data” and “Grammar and Punctuation” and started “Using Databases with Python,” “Introduction to CSS3,” and “Superhero Entertainments.” The grammar class was a nice refresher, though I’m still not sure I could explain the differences in verb tenses. Similarly, the CSS course’s main purpose (for me) is to teach me the correct way of doing things rather than often wrong self-taught manner I’ve been using. Funnily enough, the set of web pages we’ve been styling is about ultimate frisbee. (The other thing I’ve been pouring time into during sabbati-hiatus has been finally giving the VOTS pages a good update.) And I’m taking “Superhero Entertainments” because I thought it might be interesting.

Looking Forward

Bout of Books starts in a week! I’m totally going to readathon it up. I’ll have an official post next week.

Bout of Books

My parents are coming to visit/house hunt at the end of January. They’re strongly considering moving to Prescott.

At the very end of the month, we’ll have our yearly ultimate frisbee tournament. I’m planning to play one day and otherwise generally help out. Spring league sign-ups will be starting too.