Reading Stats for 2015


I read 51 books in 2015, one book short of my goal of 52.
I read 66 short stories that weren’t included in the two anthologies I counted in the above number, so I could argue that I hit that 52 book goal after all.

Goodreads puts my number of pages read at 11,249.
My count is 12,902. In addition to the short stories not counted in Goodreads’ number, I have a couple in-progress books and maybe 10 or so DNFs. My number does not include two audio books.

I read 51 books authored or edited by 48 different people.
Nine were ARCs (17 in 2014).
Mystery/Crime was the most common genre.

Read-a-thons, Read-a-longs, and Challenges from 2015

Authors New to Me
2015 – 53%
2014 – 62%
2013 – 71%
50%-ish in 2012

Fiction / Nonfiction
2015 – 59% / 41%
2014 – 72% / 28%
2013 – 66% / 33%
2012 – 80% / 20%

By Women
2015 – Not quite 40%
2014 – 27%
2013 – 20%
2012 – 40%-ish
37% of the short stories I read were by women.

2015 – 64%
2014 – 68%
2013 – 71%

My average review for both books and short stories was over 3 “stars,” so by the numbers, it was a good reading year.

As I intended, I kept my reading plans pretty low-key in 2015, and was probably better for it. I finished 6/31 on my Obscure Literary Monsters list and read 16 works in the name of Gothic fiction. Didn’t read nearly enough from my Abbott/Joseffy list.

Plans for 2016

More of the same, really. I plan to make an effort to read from the books I already own and to keep tabs on my acquisitions. I also want to reread Helene Hanff’s books (I already reread 84, Charing Cross Road in December), and Paul Kidd’s Greyhawk novels. My best discovery of 2015 was the number of popular nonfiction books available through Tempe Library’s digital and audio collections.


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