Daily Archives: February 1, 2016

What Else in January


Writing Work

Decided that I have no interest in rewriting the two longer pieces I was going to include in Bounded in a Nutshell. So, they’re being cut. Need to finish my edits, attributions, ToC, and cover. I’d like to finish by mid-month. Publication end of February?


Finished “Using Databases with Python,” “Introduction to CSS3,” and “Superhero Entertainments.” The Python course stack through the University of Michigan is at an end, and the next interesting Python class started last week—the week that my parents were in town. Wisely, I decided to put that class off until the next time it’s available. In the meantime, I’m switching my focus to JavaScript. Starting today: “Interactivity with JavaScript” (the follow-on to the CSS3 class) and “Programming and the Web for Beginners.” (Turns out “Programming for the Web” is audit only (for free), which means that I can’t take the quizzes or do my assignments through the grader. So, never mind.) Starting next week: “Fundamentals of Graphic Design.” I figured knowing a little about graphic design might be handy.

Other Life Stuff

Set up three leagues for VOTS in January. I’m still streamlining templates for team and schedule pages, so getting things going might have taken a little longer than years past. Instead of a second men’s/women’s winter leagues, we’re having our first A/B coed leagues. More competitive, athletic players are in A division; newer and have-dropped-a-step players are in B division. I’m in B and liking it a lot. We also got Spring League registration going soon enough to have draft done and shirts ordered well before the first games in late February.

New Year Fest, our big ultimate frisbee tournament of the year, was this past weekend. The weather was great! Unfortunately, Eric and I have been sick and missed all of Saturday. We played a little on Sunday, which was exhausting enough.

The other big thing that happened in January: My parents came from Nebraska to visit and to buy a new house in Chino Valley (north of Prescott). Last Tuesday was a long day of looking at houses. I swear, I think we looked at about a dozen, though three were new builds along the same street. Funnily enough, my mom wasn’t very interested in the new builds when looking online, but was impressed in person—one of them is the house she and Dad decided on.