Daily Archives: April 4, 2016

What Else in March


Writing Work

Published Bounded in a Nutshell. It’s a collection of mostly flash fiction, $0.99, available at Amazon.

Thought I could creep up on my Abbott stories, but I’m not quite ready to get back to writing fiction. Instead, I’ve been putting together a collection of David P. Abbott’s articles originally published in The Open Court. If anything, this is a good chance to reread some of his writings. I’ve already decided that a plot point in the third story needs to be different. Publishing-wise, I need to find out what the deal is with public domain works. I’d like to make it available for free, but I’m not looking forward to the rigamarole goes along with perma-free on Amazon.


Except for doing my side of the peer review grading, I’m finished with Intro to Typography. It was an interesting class, just touching on some of the history and attributes of font faces. Next up in that stack is Intro to Imagemaking.

This week, I’ll also be finishing Advanced Styling with Responsive Design, which is pretty much a quick survey of the theory of mobile-first web design and how to use the Bootstrap framework. Would have been good to know back in July of last year.

I also started an Intro to Ruby on Rails class, but a couple of weeks in, I was feeling pretty lost. I’ve since gone to Codeacademy to get a better grasp on Ruby. Later in April, I’ll go back to familiar ground with a Python/Bioinformatics class.

Other Life Stuff

Not much else going on. It was March so there was basketball watched and a bracket broken. I played some ultimate when I could. Annoyingly, I had a flare hit me so hard and quickly one Friday that I bowed out a pick-up game after a few points. It felt like I was grinding pepper in my hip joints. Otherwise, general good health.