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Deal Me In, Week 15 ~ “Marooned Off Vesta” & “Anniversary”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Marooned Off Vesta” & “Anniversary” by Isaac Asimov

Card picked: Nine of Clubs
From: Asimov’s Mysteries


This draw was a double story in the anthology. The first, “Marooned Off Vesta,” is a reprint of Asimov’s first published story, written in 1939 by a teenaged Isaac. It tells of three men trapped in a portion of their space ship, Silver Queen, after the majority is destroyed by an asteroid hit. The remains of the ship is in orbit around the asteroid Vesta. The men have three days of air left, as well as a week’s worth of rations, one space suit, a heat ray, a detonator, and, since the remainder of the ship includes the water storage, a year’s worth of water. If only they could jar themselves out of orbit and land on the inhabited Vesta…

“Anniversary” is a continuation of the story, written and set twenty years later. **Spoiler alert!** The three men survived but now face the middle-aged fear of their legacy being forgotten. “Anniversary” provides a little bit of mystery as the men try to discover why Trans-space Insurance is still looking for parts of Silver Queen wreckage.

The most amusing part of this second story is Multivac:

[Moore]…doubted if ever in his life he would meet any of the handful of technicians who spent most of their working days in a hidden spot in the bowels of Earth tending a mile-long super-computer that was the repository of all the facts known to man, that guided man’s economy, directed his scientific research, helped make his political decisions, and had millions of circuits left over to answer individual questions that did not violate the ethics of privacy.

Not quite Wikipedia and cloud storage…


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