What Else in April


Writing Work

Didn’t get much further on David P. Abbott’s Open Court articles because…


…classes have been kicking my butt.

RangeOfRepSkullsI had an annoying cold during the first week of my Bioinformatics class, which probably didn’t help. I haven’t had a genetics course in twenty years(!), but the real problem was getting my brain back to thinking in that more programmer-like problem-solving mode.  Week 2 was much, much easier.

The Imagemaking class has also been more involved than the previous graphics design classes I’ve taken. I generally feel behind the ball since I’ve had little experience with design tools and haven’t done much art in the past ten years. To the right is Assignment 2, a range of representations of the human skull from (somewhat) realistic to more abstract.


Started the month running the Kilt Chaser 5K, a run hosted by Four Peaks Brewery. One of their signature beers is the Kiltlifter Scottish ale and the race is in the style of the defunct Skirt Chaser series (the ladies start 3 minutes before the guys); hence the Kilt Chaser. It was not a great run for me. Aside from ultimate, I hadn’t been running much. I’d also had very little sleep the night before due to my (now gone) neighbor. It was slowest I’d run an official 5K and I just didn’t feel very good during it. But it was fun hanging out with Casey and Jeff afterward.

I ended the month with my spring ultimate frisbee team making it to finals on Saturday. The Force Abreakens* was a really fun team and we played pretty well together too. We were the third seed in the Tuesday night bracket. After a pretty easy game against Thursday’s #6, FrisBB-8, we had to go through Princess Layout, the #2 in from Thursday night, and Dark Lords of the Disc, the #1 from Tuesday (and Eric’s team), to get to finals…where we were pretty soundly beaten by Thursday’s top seed, Throbi-Wan Kengodeep. The weather was a bit unsettled on Saturday. During our second game, the wind was crazy** and cold with a little bit of spitting rain. I played pretty well during the first three games, but I was in a lot of pain by the fourth. Thankfully, I don’t feel half bad today.

*Our league was Star Wars themed this season. These team names are fairly clever if you know anything about ultimate.

**Things like this happen in the wind. That’s not from our game, and that’s…not what the thrower intended.


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