What Else Wednesday ~ Skulls & an Ultimate Anniversary


Finished my graphic design stack at Coursera. Here are my two favorite spreads from the last class. My chosen subject was the human skull.

From Assignment #3
From Assignment #3
From Assignment #4

Fitness Stuff

I’ve put on a few pounds in last year, so I’m trying to be more active when I’m feeling good. My main source of exercise continues to be ultimate frisbee. Last night, I decided to go to the open practice for the new women’s team. I wasn’t interested in trying out (my tournament days are long past); I just figured I’d be an extra body for scrimmaging and screwing up drills. But I realized that it was kind of an anniversary.

It was about the this time of year, 15 years ago, that I went to a women’s practice for the first time. I had been Eric’s throwing partner since January of 2001 and maybe had gone once to the Wednesday lunch pickup game at Eric’s workplace, but hadn’t taken a serious step toward playing. I didn’t go to more than a practice or two before the team moved toward being more focused on competing than teaching newbies.

It wasn’t until later in the summer, in the heat of August, that I started regularly attending the Wednesday lunch game. And I’m still doing that today. Literally. Today, in a few hours, I’m going to go play. It’s been a good time.


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