Mini Bloggiesta Summer 2016

I have a free weekend and some work to do on my blog. It’s time for Bloggiesta! This is my first, I believe. I can definitely use the productivity boost.

  • Newsletter button
  • Clean-up templates
  • Clean-out media files
  • Review of The Nazi Seance
  • Draft other posts for next week
  • Investigate the mysteries of the Amazon affiliate program


6/18, 02:18 – I took two Excedrin at midnight to kill a headache and am up past my bedtime. I used the time to do the simple cleaning tasks on my list.

6/18, 17:24 – Review drafted. I’ll finish it on Tuesday and post it.

6/18, 18:21 – I can’t use the Amazon affiliate program on this WordPress .com site. With the release of several books slated for next year, it probably isn’t worth setting up an affiliate account now, but I do need to start directing traffic toward our website instead of this blog. Good to know!

6/19, 22:06 – Designing my newsletter button has led me to (vaguely) thinking of ways to boost newsletter signup.

6/19, 23:32 – Button added. Also cleaned up my sidebar a little bit.


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