Daily Archives: July 6, 2016

ROW80 ~ Wednesday Update, 7/6


Not sure how many Wednesday updates I’ll do, but I’m focused enough on Round of Words that I don’t have much in mind for a What Else Wednesday. So far, the week is going well, although I haven’t exactly focused on one project. I’m using Trello with the Pomello addon to track my tasks and time.

David P. Abbott in The Open Court:

  • Added front and back matter, though it isn’t in its final form.
  • Drafted the introduction.
  • Realized that my pictures were horked up. Fixed that and I have notion of what went wrong.
  • Added two more pictures to the last article and edited it to reflect the inclusion.
  • Worked on the cover.

Since I want to let the Open Court introduction sit and I was getting nowhere on the cover, I switched gears to organize One Ahead materials:

  • Gathered notes and made a timeline of “planned” stories. Funny thing, I had forgotten that I had written 15K-ish of materials last November which include some story beginnings.
  • Added tentative subtitles to the two stories to which I’ve done substantial work: “The Case of the Sorrowful Seamstress” and “The Case of the Horrid Haunting.”
  • Renamed files to include reference to the subtitle instead of order, because my writing order and chronology order don’t match.

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