ROW80 ~ Wednesday Update, 7/6


Not sure how many Wednesday updates I’ll do, but I’m focused enough on Round of Words that I don’t have much in mind for a What Else Wednesday. So far, the week is going well, although I haven’t exactly focused on one project. I’m using Trello with the Pomello addon to track my tasks and time.

David P. Abbott in The Open Court:

  • Added front and back matter, though it isn’t in its final form.
  • Drafted the introduction.
  • Realized that my pictures were horked up. Fixed that and I have notion of what went wrong.
  • Added two more pictures to the last article and edited it to reflect the inclusion.
  • Worked on the cover.

Since I want to let the Open Court introduction sit and I was getting nowhere on the cover, I switched gears to organize One Ahead materials:

  • Gathered notes and made a timeline of “planned” stories. Funny thing, I had forgotten that I had written 15K-ish of materials last November which include some story beginnings.
  • Added tentative subtitles to the two stories to which I’ve done substantial work: “The Case of the Sorrowful Seamstress” and “The Case of the Horrid Haunting.”
  • Renamed files to include reference to the subtitle instead of order, because my writing order and chronology order don’t match.

Code Academy:

  • Worked on the remainder of my Python course.

Today, I think I’ll reread One Ahead: The Case of the Sorrowful Seamstress.

Original Goals

Quick moment of self-promotion: Two of my books are free through Sunday. Details and links at the top of the sidebar!

ROW80LogocopyPlease, check out how other Round of Words participants are doing with their goals!

4 thoughts on “ROW80 ~ Wednesday Update, 7/6

  1. Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

    You certainly have a lot going on this Round. Best of luck! I was so happy to read “because my writing order and chronology order don’t match.” Mine never do, either–I float all over the place, and I thought I was the only one who does that.

    And I’ll echo Caren’s thanks for the free books!

  2. Mal McEwan

    I do think it is great how you’ve detailed your tasks and it is giving me lots of inspiration on the ROW80 ‘Blog Hop’. I tried Trello for a bit but couldn’t quite make it fit for me. When I’m hammering through a long piece of work I do find it a big help to use the Pomodoro technique and didn’t know the two could be combined.

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      I change to-do apps about every six weeks, but Trello and I are finally getting along pretty well. There’s lots of ability to connect other things to it, which is interesting.


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