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ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 7/10


My original “measurable” goal, set on the fly Monday morning, was to do 3 hours of work, Monday-Saturday. That number feels very small, but it doesn’t include anything that isn’t listed below. It doesn’t include blogging, promo stuff, or anything I might do for my other “job” as webmaster for VOTS. I debated whether I wanted to include the “Personal Growth” category. Those are things I don’t want to fall off my radar and I’m only going to do a section a week, so I left them.

I did my 3 hrs/day Monday-Friday, but I think I want to change that goal to 4 hrs/day and take a full weekend. Which means, retroactively, I’m behind. But I’m okay with that. Maybe I’ll get a hour in today.

I bounced between projects during this first week. I should work mostly on Open Court stuff this week.

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