ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 7/17


Did 18 hours of work this past week. A couple nights of poor sleep caught up with me on Wednesday and I couldn’t read more than a page without nodding off. Regardless, it was a pretty productive week.

Finished my final editing/formatting pass on David P. Abbott in The Open Court. I also drafted two versions of a cover that are pretty okay. I’ve decided to hold off on publishing it until I’m ready to go ahead with the One Ahead stories. On Friday, I started rewriting the second One Ahead story. That’s on the agenda for this week.

The past week’s progress is in blue.


David P. Abbott in The Open Court
  • Need to decide if I want to add another picture (the file size is maybe starting to get big).
  • Do a final edit, especially of the final article which makes mention of the photos.
  • Write an introduction.
  • Add front matter.
  • Cover. Two versions so far. Neither are entirely “finished.”
One Ahead series
  • Rename files in a manner that makes sense.
  • Gather notes and make a timeline of planned stories.
  • Reread first One Ahead story. Decide on a subtitle.
  • Rewrite/finish second story. Decide on a subtitle.
  • Edit pass on second story.
  • Draft third story


  • Change the header to be a SSI. Improve accessibility and validate.
    • update front page
    • update subpages
  • Website metrics?
  • Fix /images  /img
  • Update “Other Works” page.
  • Should I set up a One Ahead page? Cart before horse?
  • Change blog links to drive traffic to website.

Personal Growth

Courses at Code Academy:
  • Finish Python.
  • Learn SQL – four sections
  • SQL: Table Transformation – four sections
  • SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics – two sections

Please, check out how other Round of Words participants are doing with their goals!

5 thoughts on “ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 7/17

  1. Denise D. Young

    I like that you’re tracking hours spent working. I’ve been using word counts, which isn’t always helpful when I’m revising, editing, doing read-throughs, etc. Good progress! Congrats!

  2. shanjeniah

    Such a tidy list. So much accomplished! And I learned some things…I’ve got a newborn website waiting for me to get back to it next month, so I’ll be gleaning from your list. =)

    Looks like you’re moving right along! Hooray!

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