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#24in48 ~ Update 1


My Plan

6 stories
3:08 hours

My stories have been relatively short thus far.

1 – “Multo” by Samuel Marzioli
Genre: horror
Quote: The past is never gone, only forgotten.
Comment: “Multo” begins with the above quote, a salawikain, a Tagalog proverb. The narrator of this story is contacted by his old neighbor who asks, do you remember the multo—the ghost? The narrator certainly does. This was my first story of the readathon, which I read at 10pm. Ever think there might be something in the shadows, the “idling dark” as Marzioli puts it, that causes you to maybe leave a dark room a little faster than is reasonable for an adult? Ever have sleep paralysis? All of that with a supernatural tinge.

2 – “Osiana” by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold
Genre: fantasy
Quote: Her choices were to be taller than the post, or be turned out to some guard company to be shagged to death.
Comment: Osiana has a novel solution to being short. This warrior woman doesn’t let it get in her way.

3 – “Pigeons from Hell” by Robert E. Howard
Genre: horror
Quote: They say the pigeons are the souls of the Blassenvilles, let out of hell at sunset.
Comment: I don’t think I’ve really read any Robert E. Howard. I was a little worried, when I realized that this story takes place in the South and involves characters from the West Indies that it might be wincingly racist, as some of Howards contemporaries can be *cough*Lovecraft*cough*. It wasn’t. I was fairly surprised by this haunted house story.

4 – “All Souls Proceed” by KJ Kabza
Genre: magical realism? sure
Quote: Hello, I say to the bike, but of course bikes don’t talk. It rolls on past me, stiffly, in non-acknowledgment.
Comment: This is just a beautiful gem of flash fiction. I won’t say much. Just go read it.

5 – “Terminal” by Lavie Tidhar
Genre: science fiction
Quote: For the past is a world one cannot return to, and the future is a world none has seen. (Kind of an interesting contrast to the quote from “Multo.”)
Comment: In the near future, people are paying for the privilege of taking a one-way trip to Mars, everyone in their own “jalopy”—what a great use of a word for tiny, questionable space crafts. Some of these travelers, like Mei with bone cancer, won’t make it to Mars, but maybe its a better future than can be hoped for.

6 – “Candy Girl” by Chikodili Emelumadu
Genre: I’m going to go with magical realism again. Contemporary fantasy? I don’t know…
Quote: “That foolish man,” Ozulu says. “Does he not know the gods are tricky?”
Comment: Gini has been cursed by Paul, her ex and an ingratiating douche. She’s becoming the thing he likes most: chocolate.