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ROW80 ~ Week 3 Update, 7/24…er, 7/25


This is late due to the readathon over the weekend. After the last of the short stories, I was done with blogging/social media for the weekend.

Last week…

On Monday, I rewrote the first scene of One Ahead: The Case of the Horrid Haunting (title subject to change). It was a scene that, in the first draft, Eric called boring. After rewriting it once, I decided I actually needed to burn it to the ground and start over. That was Tuesday into Wednesday. I am a horribly indecisive rewriter. I can sit paralyzed for hours over changing a sentence. That I moved on and finished rewriting two other chapters is a win. That I didn’t spend the amount of time I said I was going to on writing is not.

I’d like to finish the second draft this week. I have a substantial change in mind for one of the plot points, so that may be an ambitious goal. But if I put in the hours…

This week, I also have set up for VOTS Fall League and Chris is coming into town at some point.

The past week’s progress is in blue.



One Ahead series
  • Rename files in a manner that makes sense.
  • Gather notes and make a timeline of planned stories.
  • Reread first One Ahead story. Decide on a subtitle.
  • Decide on subtitle for second story.
  • Rewrite/finish second draft of The Horrid Haunting. Rewrote Ch. 1-3
  • Edit pass on second story.
  • Draft third story.


Website (no progress)
  • Change the header to be a SSI. Improve accessibility and validate.
    • update front page
    • update subpages
  • Website metrics?
  • Fix /images  /img
  • Update “Other Works” page.
  • Should I set up a One Ahead page? Cart before horse?
  • Change blog links to drive traffic to website.

Personal Growth

Courses at Code Academy:
  • Finish Python .
  • Learn SQL – four sections.  1/4
  • SQL: Table Transformation – four sections
  • SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics – two sections

Please, check out how other Round of Words participants are doing with their goals!