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ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 7/31: Quirks


Sometimes, you need to figure out what works and go with it, no matter how quirky it might seem.

Example #1: I like Mondays and get a lot done on Mondays. I have a tendency to reorganize on Sunday and come into Monday with optimism provided by a chronological breakpoint and a clean slate. For me, Monday is like having a New Year’s Day that happens every week. Tuesday, in contrast, sucks. Maybe it’s because I’ve worn myself out on Monday. Maybe it’s that there’s no way Tuesday can live up the epic Monday I had. After “failing” Tuesday, the week often goes downhill. Jokingly, Eric suggested that maybe I should have a two day week: rebrand every other day as Sunday followed by another Monday. So, instead of Tuesday, it’s Sunday. Instead of Wednesday, it’s Monday. I haven’t quite decided to go that far, but I have decided to go with a six day week, with a lowered time goal on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It worked this week. We’ll see how it goes next week.

Example #2: I finished the second rewrite/editing iteration of Horrid Haunting and I started on the third iteration. It’s probably the most I’ve ever rewritten in a week. A key ingredient to getting this done was my background noise. I can’t work in silence, but picking the right noise can be tricky. Sometimes, it’s music. Sometimes, it’s ambient sounds. And sometimes, it’s a TV show or movie. This week it was Sherlock. Now, the problem with Sherlock is that it’s 10 episodes, about 15 hours in total. That wasn’t enough to get me through the week. When I hit the end I of “The Abominable Bride,” I spent about 15 minutes trying to decide what I wanted to watch/listen to next. Again, Eric provided the answer: if Sherlock is what’s working, use Sherlock. So, I’m half way through series two for the second time this week.

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