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ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 8/14

Week 6 Update

Another sucky week. Insomnia, car problems. On the plus side, the monsoons have finally come to Arizona. We’re soggier, but the temperatures are in a more reasonable range. Been getting regular exercise again, which makes everything a little better. Also, I’ve spent a few evenings watching the Olympics.

Did I rewrite the new beginning to Ch. 3 this week or last?  Last Monday seems like an age ago. I got caught on Ch. 5. I need to integrate a piece of conversation that was cut from elsewhere and, well, rewrite paralysis hit. I think I’ll print out the two original bits and look at them on paper. Really, really would like to get the majority of this iteration done by the end of the week.

Added (because I’m a schoolie): an online macroeconomics class.

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