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ROW80 ~ Sunday, 8/21

Update – Week 7

My bulleted list is getting pretty long so I created a page with my original goals for this round. It has everything I’ve added as well as the stuff I’m not currently working on.

This week was spent on my new project. It’s based on a flash fiction piece I wrote called “Wicked Witch for Hire.” The obvious title for it, which wasn’t all that obvious since Eric didn’t think of it until Friday, is Wicked Witch, Retired. That title might be too frivolous, but it’ll do for now. I have a few pages of notes and the manuscript is at 2500-ish words. My writing soundtrack has been the Star Trek movies, II – IV. Goal this week? Finish the scene I’m on (part II of the first scene), move on to the next. I know that’s not a solid goal, but I’m still leery of going back to word counts.

Coming up this week: Tonight is the draft for VOTS‘s big coed fall frisbee league. Games won’t start for another two weeks, but I’ll be updating the web with teams this week. Also the Bout of Books readathon starts Monday. I’ll be reading and doing a few challenges for that.

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