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ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 8/28

Week 8 Update

So, in TweetDeck, I have a column for “nabity.” It ends up containing Tweets in Czech*, news about Nebraska running back Graham Nabity**, occasional sales retweets when I promo books, and tweets by actual people named Nabity***. This morning, one of those from the last category was a horoscope:

Sunday, August 28, 2016 – The secret to your success is setting your specific goals down on paper now. … Don’t take your eyes off the distant horizon, but you must simultaneously reassess your plans for the next few weeks. The more you can accomplish now, the easier it will be later on. Literary giant Samuel Johnson wrote, “The future is purchased by the present.” (Source: Twittascope)

I don’t believe in horoscopes****, but this is good advice and coincidentally timely for me. I’m probably past due in setting a solid goal for this new project. For the rest of this round (the next three weeks, I guess?), I’m going to add 3000 words per week to Wicked Witch, Retired. I’ve been trying to move away from word counts, but I think I need to use them while drafting. This is kind of a low-ball goal—500 words per day—but I’m still feeling my way through things. I should be able to use that excuse for the next three weeks at least.

“Playlist” for the past week: Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983), Ghost Story (1981), and A Knight’s Tale (2001).

*Presumably, since my last name is also a Czech word. The Google translation is “loaded.”
**I am quite excited that football starts up again next week. Football means fall. It means we’re that much closer to basketball, which means winter.
***All Nabitys are related though the family is much too big to know them all.
****I don’t believe in fortune cookies either, but… We’ve been eating a lot of General Tso’s chicken from Panda Express and one of my fortunes was: Forge Ahead With Your New Ideas. I kept that one and threw out the non-applicable ones.

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