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ROW80 ~ Out like a dying fish…

Isn’t that a saying? “The round comes in like a lion, goes out like a dying fish?” No? Just me then…

Update Round 3, Week 11

It’s been a sucky week. And after such a good week last week! I’ve been dealing with a flare-up since last Sunday night. I got some writing done early in the week and stubbornly played some ultimate frisbee (which maybe I shouldn’t have). Everything else has been “late” or not done at all. I’ve been taking a lot of naps.


Added 1600 to the manuscript and got about a third of the way through a rewrite. I also set up a notebook stack in Evernote to help with organizing. I really wanted a tool that can link info, kind of in the form of a wiki, rather than just a spreadsheet. Poking around the internet, I found that you can link to notes in Evernote. It’s quite handy.

By the end of the round? Gosh, I’d like to finish this rewrite and maybe come out on the positive side word-count-wise.

Please, check out how other Round of Words participants are doing with their goals!