#FrightFall Readathon & Season of the Witch

Michelle at Seasons of Reading and Castle Macabre has two events going on that I’m looking forward to participating in!

The first is the Fright Fall Readathon. Running from Oct. 3-9th, the only requirement is to read one scary book. Currently, I’m finishing A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. Next up is Eugie Foster’s A Vampire Quintet. If there’s any Fright Fall left after that (I’m a slow reader, y’all), next on the stack Night in the Lonesome October by Richard Laymon.

A Head Full of Ghosts A Vampire Quintet Night in the Lonesome October


Also for October is Season of the Witch! Check the link for all the details, but here’s the quick read-along schedule.

  • Week One – The Mask of the Red Death, Poe – Discussion on October 7/8
  • Week Two – The Dunwich Horror, Lovecraft – Discussion on October 14/15
  • Week Three – The Pit and the Pendulum, Poe – Discussion on October 21/22
  • Week Four – The Dreams in the Witch-House, Lovecraft – Discussion on October 28/29


1 thought on “#FrightFall Readathon & Season of the Witch

  1. truebookaddict

    So glad you’re joining us, Katherine! I love your stack of scary. Still need to read Head Full of Ghosts…and Laymon is always good.

    Looking forward to discussing Poe and Lovecraft with you. 🙂


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