#ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 10/16


Add 3125 words per week on Wicked Witch, Retired.

Update Round 4, Week 2

Between PMS and election stress fatigue, I pretty much checked out during the latter part of the week. While I like to keep to a six day work week, I wrote this morning in order to hit my goal. Yesterday and today involved a little rewriting too.

Monday: 759
Tuesday: 758
Wednesday: 552
Thursday: 203
Friday: 20
Saturday: 433
Sunday: 404

Total added this week: 3129 words.

Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon is next Saturday so I’m shooting for my usual goal in one day less. I also really need to get some writing done in the mornings. It doesn’t work too well if I start writing at 10pm.

Research Links of the Week

Wikipedia: Gyroscope
YouTube: The Mighty Cheese


With sample tracks!

Poe, Haunted (2000), track
Type O Negative, Bloody Kisses (1993), October Rust (1996), track
Jane’s Addiction,  The Great Escape Artist (2011), track
Machines of Loving Grace, Gilt (1995),  Concentration (1993), track
Godsmack, Godsmack (1998), track

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6 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 10/16

  1. Erin Zarro

    Ooh, looks like a great selection of songs! I don’t know some of them, but I know a few of the artists.

    Awesome making your wordcount goal this week. 🙂

  2. shanjeniah

    My younger brother introduced my to Type O-Negative in the day (and I was always amused, because I am type O-positive!).

    Looks like a good week, considering. May this week be even better!


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