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#ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 10/23


Add 3125 words per week on Wicked Witch, Retired.

Update Round 4, Week 3

I’d like to say I was motivated by wanting Saturday off for the readathon, but really I hit a couple of scenes on Mon-Thurs that came together well. Most of that writing occurred in the morning. Friday was rough. I’ll probably rewrite what I wrote on Friday.

Monday: 772
Tuesday: 761
Wednesday: 764
Thursday: 1,050
Friday: 757

Total added to the manuscript this week: 4,104 words

Research Link of the Week

Usage of the word geas. (Usage over time isn’t really notable to my story. I just found it interesting.)


Didn’t have anything going on other than the quiet of morning (which means traffic, the light rail, birds, and the graffiti team painting over walls) and the usual TV shows.

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