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#ROW80 ~ Sunday Update, 10/30


Add 3125 words per week on Wicked Witch, Retired.
(Or, 12,500 per month / 75K in 6 months.)

Update Round 4, Week 4

It was a flat week for me across the board. Which is funny considering how good the week before was. Oh, well. That’s how it goes. The manuscript is badly in need of some rewriting. The last 4K words or so have been sketchy. And, I haven’t been taking good notes/recording details. So, I will start out Week 5 doing a rewrite and try not to lag too far behind in word count land. All the more reason to not engage in some crazy NaNoWriMo plan…*

Word counts:

Monday: 266
Tuesday: 871
Wednesday: 530
Thursday: 525
Friday: 532
Saturday: 534

Week Total: 3,258
Month Total: 13,691
Manuscript Total: 29,135

* Like trying to write 25  2000 word short fiction pieces based on pictures and word prompts. I totally wouldn’t consider doing a nutsy thing like that with a standing goal of 12,500 words on the novel I’m already working on, the usual blog schedule, an attempt to finish a macroeconomics course by the end of the year (with additional reading), the busiest time of year for VOTS going on (including  league finals), and the first holiday that my parents are in-state. I absolutely wouldn’t be *that* crazy.

Research Link of the Week

I got nothing.


The Kills, Ash & Ice (2016)

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