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Deal Me In, Week 44 ~ “The Lost Room”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis
What is Deal Me In?

“The Lost Room” by Fitz-James O’Brien

Card picked: Three of Hearts
From: Masterpieces of Terror and the Unknown, edited by Marvin Kaye


“Queer house, isn’t it?”
“I have only found it quiet.”
“Hum! But you will find it queer, take my word for it.”

“The Lost Room” begins with a lengthy description of the room in question and what its contents mean to our narrator. Through his possessions, we learn that he’s lost his lady love, that his family was duped of its fortune, and his friends don’t visit as often anymore. But truly, he seems to be content in his quiet room. Alas, maybe the room isn’t his after all…

The best part of Deal Me In is finding new authors to investigate. O’Brien was an author in the mid-1800s and is credited with writing some of the first science fiction. Based on how readable “The Lost Room” is, I’m looking forward to reading some of that!

Is This Your Card?

A transformation as quick as our poor narrator’s room.