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What Else, Week 47



Wrote 2000 words this week, which makes it the best week of November.

Shared this week: the #1LineWed prompt was “ate, eat.”


For the second week in a row, I haven’t finished anything. I might not finish a nonfiction book during Nonfiction November. But…

I joined a service called the Pigeonhole. It breaks up books and sends you bite-sized chunks everyday. Then you can read along with other and comment on the book in a social manner. I signed up to read War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. Except, the chunks were too small for me and I downloaded the whole book to read. Apparently me and delayed gratification don’t work where books are concerned.


Posts this week:


Worked out at the park on Monday. I did fairly quick laps around the park, broken up by the exercise stations. My quads were still complaining on Thursday. On Thursday, I ran 5K around my parent’s neighborhood in Chino Valley. It’s at 4000 feet, which meant the air was a little thinner.

Other Life Stuff

As mentioned above, I spent Thanksgiving with my parents in Chino Valley. The weather was nice, for November in the high country. The food was very tasty, despite my mom’s worries about her new kitchen. And I watched a bunch of Dirk Gently and some basketball.