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#NonFicNov ~ New to My TBR

Hosted by Katie at Doing Dewey, Lory at Emerald City Book Review,
Sarah at Sarah’s Book Shelves, Rachel at Hibernator’s Library,
and Julz at Julz Reads

Lory: It’s my honor to be the host for Nonfiction November this week, with our final topic: New to My TBR.

It’s been a month full of amazing nonfiction books! Which ones have made it onto your TBR list? Be sure to link back to the original blogger who posted about that book!

A list with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Books with a * are available at Tempe Digital Library.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

14 thoughts on “#NonFicNov ~ New to My TBR

  1. I also added Hillbilly Elegy to my list. It looks really good. A few of us will be reading it as a group read in May – June if you want to join.

  2. I am looking forward to reading some of these myself. There is little doubt that I could drum up a lot more for the list if I went through the posts again, which I may do after I work through my shortlist. Enjoy your new finds.

  3. Oh I hope you enjoy Drink! Well, enjoy might be the wrong word. It’s still one that I think about often though, and I read that back at the beginning of the year. It has totally affected my own drinking habits, in a positive way I think!
    There really have been SO MANY great books talked about this month! It would take a lifetime to actually read them all.

  4. I’m so glad to see Lab Girl make your list! I think it will be one of my top nonfiction reads of the year. I also really loved The Signal and the Noise, so I second that recommendation 🙂

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