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What Else, Week 48


Good Stuff

Decided I wanted to add to this feature a few things from the week that I enjoyed.

I  managed my way through a cold this week by engaging in some extended periods of playing Minecraft and listening to podcasts. In the land of serious, but informative, Just a Story’s ep. 54 is about the intersection of urban legends and history in relation to the AIDS crisis of the 80s and 90s. This is the type of thing that Just a Story does really, really well. Less seriously, I started listening to Twenty Thousand Hertz, a podcast about sound design. They’re only three episodes in but have covered 8-bit sound, the voice of Siri, and the NBC chimes. Cool stuff.

I rather like Christmas music, but I need to find new (or new to me) songs (or versions of songs) to keep from going nuts. I’m still looking for a good alt-country/bluegrass album (if only Crooked Still would make a Christmas album…), but The Last Bison’s Sleigh Ride EP comes close.

Also getting some play, CeeLo Green and The Muppets’ “All I Need Is Love.” Described on Twitter by Leah Mosher on Twitter as a mashup of “Mambo No. 5” and “Mahna Mahna,” I dig it.

Writing Stuff

Wrote about 2K words.

I’m going to make a poor analogy: writing for me is like archaeology. If I outline too much of the story, I get bored of it. Instead, I start writing with some end in mind and uncover the details of the plot as I go alone. This isn’t efficient, but then, I had always thought I was a planner, not a pants-er, and haven’t thought about how to *make* this efficient.

One thing I’m going to try is doing rewrites/edits over smaller chunks. So, rewriting tomorrow.

Blogging Stuff

It was a week of lists on the blog:

Fitness Stuff

As I mentioned above, I’ve had a cold all week. Nothing serious, but I seemed to sleep a lot. Played ultimate Friday at noon and probably over did it a little.

Other Life Stuff

It’s finally been “wintry” here in Tempe. It rained last Sunday! I’ve worn long sleeves! I put up the Christmas tree and started in on present and card prep. But I’m still not quite used to the idea of December.



Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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