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What Else, Week 49


Good Stuff

Nina @ Multo(Ghost) is highlighting a new group of Winter Tales—stories that often involve Christmas/December and are prefect for telling on cold, dark winter nights. Forget Halloween. Christmas is my favorite time for a good ghost story.

Westworld‘s season finale was last Sunday. For a series that I was worried would carrying on in the style of Lost, I was pretty pleased with how they wrapped up the first season. There is an attention to detail that I really appreciated about the series. As expected from an HBO the production value is high and the acting is really good. And then there’s the music. I love a good cover (check out the rest of the playlist).

Ramin Djawadi is also the compser behind Game of Thrones‘ music.

Writing Stuff

Didn’t finish as much as I wanted. No one’s fault but my own.


The #1LineWed theme was “window.”

Blogging Stuff


Fitness Stuff

Played ultimate on Wednesday and Friday. Lungs felt okay on both days. I forgot my cleats on Friday and played barefoot. While I generally try t run on my forefoot, I definitely noticed more achiness in my feet and calves this weekend from being forced to do it.

Other Life Stuff

Trying to get my ducks in a row for Christmas. Did some shopping. Wrote a few cards.

I upgraded links on Entangled Continua to Amazon Associate links. Now I’m working on cleaning up the Weordan pages. I miss programming classes. Maybe in January I’ll get back to that.