What Else, Week 49


Good Stuff

Nina @ Multo(Ghost) is highlighting a new group of Winter Tales—stories that often involve Christmas/December and are prefect for telling on cold, dark winter nights. Forget Halloween. Christmas is my favorite time for a good ghost story.

Westworld‘s season finale was last Sunday. For a series that I was worried would carrying on in the style of Lost, I was pretty pleased with how they wrapped up the first season. There is an attention to detail that I really appreciated about the series. As expected from an HBO the production value is high and the acting is really good. And then there’s the music. I love a good cover (check out the rest of the playlist).

Ramin Djawadi is also the compser behind Game of Thrones‘ music.

Writing Stuff

Didn’t finish as much as I wanted. No one’s fault but my own.


The #1LineWed theme was “window.”

Blogging Stuff


Fitness Stuff

Played ultimate on Wednesday and Friday. Lungs felt okay on both days. I forgot my cleats on Friday and played barefoot. While I generally try t run on my forefoot, I definitely noticed more achiness in my feet and calves this weekend from being forced to do it.

Other Life Stuff

Trying to get my ducks in a row for Christmas. Did some shopping. Wrote a few cards.

I upgraded links on Entangled Continua to Amazon Associate links. Now I’m working on cleaning up the Weordan pages. I miss programming classes. Maybe in January I’ll get back to that.


3 thoughts on “What Else, Week 49

  1. I’ve become a huge fan of the Westworld series for pretty much the same reasons you mention. The visuals, the music. And “Maeve” is such an awesome character. I look forward to more. 🙂

      1. Ha! Both Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins are “as good as advertised” in the series. I was explaining Westworld to my friend at theColta game yesterday, and also who starred in it. This friend has worked in the hotel industry for many years and commented. “I checked him (Harris) into the Canterbury (Hotel) one time.” Cool.

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