What Else, Week 50


Good Stuff

The BBC has trained me: it’s not just the holiday season, it’s Doctor Who and Sherlock season. Looking forward to both in the coming weeks.


Writing Stuff

Sitting down and writing has been tough. Between returning from my hiatus and the increased anxiety I’ve felt this year, it’s been hard giving writing priority. It’s easier to retreat into books or computer games. It would be easy to say, “Well, in the New Year I’ll…” but there are still two weeks left to *this* year. Some progress is better than no progress, right?


#1LineWed theme was “frame” or “edge.”

Blogging Stuff

Slow week:

Fitness Stuff

Played ultimate on Wednesday and Friday. Also drug myself to the mall on Thursday (a 3-ish mile walk, round trip). I’ve been having a bit of a flare-up since Wednesday, which has made everything more tiring than usual.

Other Life Stuff

Oh, hey, it was my birthday on Wednesday. Usually I put my New Year resolutions into effect on my birthday, but this year I haven’t given them a second thought. It’s been that kind of week/month/year. Anyway, to celebrate Eric and I went to dinner on Monday and plan on going to a matinee of Rogue One tomorrow. We party hard.

I finished Christmas shopping for the nieces and nephews. Everything is shipped and *that* is a load off my mind. Have I ever mentioned how much I love having a post office just down the block?

And to round out the week, Friday was the semi-annual Wednesday Lunchtime Disc (WLDisc) grill-out. The morning of, things looked bleak. It had rained during the night and was still occasionally sprinkling. But at 11:45, the clouds parted. The field hadn’t been watered recently and was “soft,” but not muddy. We played for a half-hour and then adjourned for a lunch of burgers, brats, chips, fruit, and desserts. This is the group I’ve played ultimate frisbee with the longest and the people I enjoy hanging out with the most.


3 thoughts on “What Else, Week 50

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Looking forward to the Doctor Who Christmas special myself. We finally finished watching the previous season a few months back.

    Good job on the fitness front. I’m really trying to push myself these last few weeks of the year as traditionally I get WAAAY lazy for this time period.

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