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Favorite Short Stories of 2016


In addition to the 52 stories in the Deal Me In challenge, I read 70+ other short stories throughout the year. Picking a top 10 was tough! In some cases, I rated a story high after reading it, but in retrospect I couldn’t remember much about it. Others, while lower rated, left a definite impression.

Here are my top 10, in no particular order:

From Deal Me In

“Pate de Foie Gras” by Isaac Asimov – I didn’t care for many of the stories in Asimov’s Mysteries, but this take on the goose that lays golden eggs is really fun. – Review

“Smee” by A. M. Burrage – “Smee” was on my list because Jay said it was good. Jay did not lie. It’s hook is haunting. – Review, Read

“The Daemon Lover” by Shirley Jackson – Shirley Jackson writes about the fears of being a single woman too well. – Review

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