What I Did in 2016



I started the year on what I called a sabati-hiatus. I wanted to not worry about writing and maybe do a few other things instead. Mostly those other things were classes. I always enjoyed school. I started diving into online classes in late 2015 and continued in 2016.

  • Coursera
    • Using Databases with Python
    • Biology Meets Programming: Bioinformatics for Beginners
    • Introduction to CSS3
    • Interactivity with JavaScript
    • Advanced Styling with Responsive Design
    • Superhero Entertainments
    • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
    • Introduction to Typography
    • Introduction to Imagemaking
  • Code Academy
    • Python
    • Learn SQL
    • SQL Table Transformation
  • EdX
    • Introduction to Python for Data Science
    • “Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus” by Shelley: BerkeleyX Book Club


Business as usual for VOTS stuff.

  • Set-ups for:
    • 10 leagues
    • NYF
    • SW Regionals
  • Solidified some style aspects of the site.
  • Started reformating the archived leagues. (Spring 1999-Spring 2002)
  • Started to gather info about youth ultimate in the Valley


But I did work on a few writing projects:

  • Published Bounded in a Nutshell – a anthology of my flash and short stories.
  • Complied David P. Abbott’s Open Court articles.
  • Cleaned up the first One Ahead story and worked a better version of the second.
  • Started writing Wicked Witch, Retired.

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