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What Else ~ The Last of 2016 and Looking Forward to 2017


Good Stuff

Being on social media in the last six months has been rough for me, but lately, the best thing by far has been seeing posts by friends and acquaintances about their good stuff. Kids opening presents, ski vacations, Santarchy hi-jinks, best books read during the year; all of it, good stuff. Am I seeing only a brightly filtered version of their lives? Of course! But for right now, that’s okay. I like seeing my friends happy.

Looking Forward: Enjoy more good stuff, little or big.

Writing Stuff

I ended December with a pretty good writing week, at least according to the goal of 3150 words that I posted long ago.

The #1LineWed theme was “finish”:

Looking Forward: I want to finish my first draft of Wicked Witch, Retired by the end of the first quarter. I need to consistently put in work. I like my Write 525/750 words a day plan and am going to continue with it. I’m probably going to need Eric to read what I have in the near future.

We also plan on releasing the rest of the books in Eric’s PHYSIC series. My job will be to give each book a good reading pass (at least one) and later format, publish, and promo.

Blogging Stuff

Lots of posts in the last couple weeks:

Looking Forward: More of the same!

Fitness Stuff

If eating cookies counted as exercise, I would have had the most successful two weeks of the year. In two weeks, I played three of games of ultimate and did a 3-ish mile jog.

Looking Forward: With the holidays over, our lunchtime ultimate game should get back to normal. B League starts in a couple weeks and New Year Fest is at the end of the month. In the meantime, maybe Eric and I will get back to running sprints or maybe I’ll just run a bit on my own.

Class Stuff

Looking Forward: Immediate future, finish my Macroeconomics reading and the associated on-line class. Starting next week in an edX class called Science & Cooking, which sounds fun to me despite it being two things I’m not very good at: chemistry and cooking.

Other Life Stuff

I had a very nice Christmas at my parents. My mom made roladin and spaetzle, which I hadn’t had in a very long time.

Getting back home after the visit, I felt a great sense of relief. The holidays were over, for the most part. As much fun as they can be, they’re also stressful. It’s nice, after a couple months of upheaval, to get back to “normal.”

Looking Forward: I want to be less fearful and more determined in the new year. I need to prioritize and filter because it’s very easy for me to run off the rails into a morass of other people’s outrage. I will try to follow the advice of the great Lloyd Dobler: chill.