What Else 2017, Week 1


Good Stuff

Most of the time what’s trending on Facebook wouldn’t be considered by me to be Good Stuff. Usually, it’s some politician doing something dumb or the social goings-on of celebrities I’m not familiar with. But occasionally, Facebook’s trending sidebar gives me something like this: Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story with the best side character ever—a monocled, piano-playing badger named Jeff.

You’re welcome.

Writing Stuff

Did rather poorly with my writing goal. Maybe frequent rewrite passes aren’t a good idea…

Blogging Stuff

On the heels of a busy holiday season, I probably should have skipped this session of Bout of Books. I haven’t been the most social blogger ever. But I did get some reading done. I also set up my 2017 spreadsheets and am trying out some new post templates.

Fitness Stuff

Played ultimate Wednesday and Friday. Convinced Eric to go run sprints with me on Thursday. While I’ve been moving pretty well during games, the sprints were painful. As they should be.

Other Life Stuff

Other than reading, I’ve been reveling in Nebraska basketball’s 3-0 start to conference play. Maybe I’ll get my Christmas tree down while listening to the game today.

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