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What Else 2017, Week 2


Good Stuff

One thousand musicians all playing David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel.”

Thanks to Sharon, a fellow ultimate player, for pointing this out on FB. Made my Sunday morning.

Writing Stuff

Gamification of the writing process, Katherine edition: I’ve wanted a new laptop for a while now. Our old one crapped out years ago and, for two ne’re-do-well writers, buying a new one is an investment not to be taken lightly. Eric finally came upon a decently priced system that met his specs: really good battery life without being stupidly top-of-the-line. Still, he was waffling. “Right,” I said, “how much writing do I need to do justify this?” There followed the purchase of a laptop and me going into “word debt” for it. A strong year of writing should pay it off.

This week, I added 3300 to my manuscript. I’ve started to embrace “shrug and write junk”. Meaning, at least three times this week, I wrote some very sketchy, junky paragraphs that got the job done only to rewrite, expand, and clean them up the next day. And I still got a net 3300 words added.

Started reading through Eric’s PHYSIC series.

Blogging Stuff

Slow reading week and “as scheduled” blogging week:

Health & Fitness Stuff

Played ultimate on Wednesday and Friday. My week was going pretty well until an arthritis flare-up on Thursday. I still managed to play Friday only because I didn’t want the other woman that showed up to be the only woman at pickup. Started feeling better Friday night. “B” League starts this week so that will add a little more ulti to my life.

Other Life Stuff

Not much going on otherwise. It’s nice to be getting into some kind of groove again.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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