Daily Archives: January 22, 2017

What Else 2017, Week 3


Good Stuff

Moby-Dick was the subject of a Big Read project back in 2012. Each chapter was recorded by a different person, some of them famous. I’ve been reading and/or listening along. Not surprisingly, Benedict Cumberbatch does a pretty fine job here.

Writing Stuff

The laptop arrived Monday evening. While I’m still settling in with it, it’s been really nice to take work to a different area of the apartment. I’ve installed Chrome and Spotify, but the biggest differences between the laptop and my desktop system is that there is no room for video on the laptop and that I don’t have email notifications on the laptop. When I’m using it, I’m working. For right now, that compartmentalization is helping me get some work done.

Added 4020 word to the manuscript.

The #1LineWed themes was “tree”/”leaf”.

Blogging Stuff

Fitness Stuff

It’s been a rather wintery week in Tempe. Wednesday lunchtime disc was a little lighter than usual and Friday disc was rained out. Thursday night was the first night of “B” League. We scrimmaged instead of an actual game to give some of the newer people a chance to play before it “counts.” My team has some fast, quick-to-throw guys, but they were okay dumping when there was nothing open down field.

Class Stuff

Decided not to do the Science & Cooking class. One of the disadvantages of edX is that you don’t get to see make-up of the course before the course opens. There was too much reliance on making videos and such. Not for me.

Other Life Stuff

Other than the above, not much going on. I’ve felt a little scattered over the last couple days. Maybe just too much caffeine.