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Deal Me In, Week 4 ~ “In the House of Gingerbread”

(Deal Me In logo above created by Mannomoi at Dilettante Artiste)

(Deal Me In logo above created by Mannomoi at Dilettante Artiste)

Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis
What’s Deal Me In?

“In the House of Gingerbread” by Gene Wolfe

Card picked: Jack of Diamonds
From: The Architecture of Fear, edited by Kathryn Cramer and Peter Pautz

The Story

It’s the gingerbread house, she thought… It doesn’t eat you, you eat it. But it gets you just the same.

Tina’s husband died of lung cancer…from asbestos insulation. Her two-year old son was poisoned by paint chips. There is more to Tina’s house than she knows and more to Tina than her step-children suspect. “In the House of Gingerbread” plays with many fairy tale tropes, but it didn’t quite come together in the end.

The Author

Gene Wolfe has been writing science fiction and fantasy since the mid-1960s and has won nearly every major award in those genres (the Hugo being elusive). Though oft anthologized, this is the first story of Gene Wolfe’s to make it on to my Deal Me In list.

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Did you know if you can pull off eight perfect faro shuffles, a deck of cards is returned to its starting order state?

Tabular proof at Futility Closet