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What Else 2017, Week 5


Writing Stuff

A Round of Words in 80 Days is back on the non-Facebook side of the web. I gave it a go on Facebook, but that’s just not the place for me for this kind of thing. So, a big Thank You! to  Eden Mabee for getting things going again at the blog.

Belatedly, my goal for this quarter is to add 4,000 words/week to my main manuscript.

I did not hit that goal this week, but I did better than last week. I added 2457 words to Wicked Witch, Retired and rewrote 1932 words.

ROW80LogocopyA Round of Words in 80 Days

The #FictFri prompt was “space/confine.”

Blogging Stuff

Only two posts this week:

My Deal Me In story this week didn’t inspire any organized thoughts.

Fitness Stuff

Played B leagues games of ultimate frisbee on Tuesday and Thursday nights and then pickup on Friday at noon. The difference between regular league and B league for me is that in regular league, I might not even touch the disc during an entire game. In B league, I actually have a stat line. I’m averaging a score and a D per game!

I’m debating whether I want to get a run in before enjoying an afternoon/evening of watching other people play sports. Also, a Hurt’s Donuts just opened…on my block.

Other Life Stuff

Speaking of league, spring league registration opened on Friday. Stress! Chaos! Currently, we don’t have a league director, but we needed to get things going. Sifting through registrations and payments has taken a good chunk of my time during the last two days.

Lately, I’ve found that any added stress, good or bad, kind of sinks me. I need to get some resilience. Can you buy that in a can?